PRICES for Storm Shelters and Septic Systems

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Septic Systems

Storm Shelters

There is just no way to put pricing information for septic systems out on a price sheet. There are too many variables that have to be taken into account, such as;

N-Tex Construction will bid your project as a "Turn Key" project, or pick up where you stop and take over from there.

Standard or conventional septic tank with gravel filled drainage fields are rare, but occassionally allowed, in this part of Texas. Prices for the standard system generally range from $4000 to $6000.

There are standard or conventional alternatives to the gravel filled drain field that often reduce the price, but may not be a good choice depending on other circumstances.

"Alternative Systems", usually used in this part of Texas, are always MORE expensive, but only for the initial installation, once you consider that an inappropriate system would have to be replaced soon because of failure, in those locations that require alternative systems.

N-Tex Construction is licensed and expert in Septic Systems of ALL kinds.

We don't want to put in a system that isn't going to work, that looks bad on us.

We don't want to bid your job with an expensive system when a less expensive one will work just as well, that causes us to loose the bid.

What we DO want to do is your site evaluation and site survey, determine which systems could LEGALLY be installed, then discuss your options with you so that you feel like you've made the best decision and get the best system for your money.

Protection from this has to begin now! Don't wait until you see it on the horizon!
Typical home installation $4800.00 6'X8' with steel staircase.

Factors influencing final costs include:

Discounts available for multiple unit installation for businesses and organizations.
TURN KEY means that WE cover all aspects of the job and you pay us for everything. We secure the permits, excavation, equipment and supplies, system construction, inspections......everything necessary to complete your project.

"Texas and the 10 Acre Rule"

In Texas, the home owner is allowed to install their own system, if their county allows it (not all of them do), and if they have 10 or more acres. (Check with your county Designated Representative prior to beginning construction. It could save you thousands of dollars.


If the home owner decides to install their own system and they decide to HIRE anyone to assist, the person they hire MUST be licensed as a State of Texas Installer for On Site Sewage Facilties.