Existing Home Installation
Business Applications

Under and above ground Storm Shelters

These shelters are tested to FEMA standards and built to exceed.

Finish it to blend in or landscape it to stand out!
High quality extra reinforced doors with three latch points. Easy to operate from inside and out.

Steel construction stairs built to last and provide easy access and egress.

at my home, photo from garage
Inside stairs after 7 years, a little dirty from mowing grass and not sweeping away from the door.
We placed a full-size pickup toolbox in ours. It houses water, snacks, candles, and trash/toilet bags. It also makes a great bench or place to lay down.

These chairs are opposite each other and opposite the stair end. Plenty of room.

The discoloration on the walls are natural cement variations that occur after time. There are no leaks, seeps, drips, or condensation.

The temperature is generally comfortable.

Can you see our blue buckets? They hide under the chair. Lined with a trashbag, they double as a toilet if needed.
This model has concrete stairs, less steep, easy access.
Safe Room Installation.
Safe rooms come with massive steel doors with multi-point lock system. These are also used for fire proof gun vaults.