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In almost all aspects of the construction industry, licenses are desired, if not required. While some States and Regions don't actually require or provide a vehicle for a license in every field, others are required but seldom enforced. It is ultimatly up to the consumer to verify the contractors license and/or qualifications. N-Tex is licensed and insured.

Norma Wright is a licensed Installer II Lic # OS0006221 and Site Evaluator. Lic # OS0022770 License.

The most important fact is that Norma has held a license in On Site Sewer Facility Construction nearly since that profession began requiring a license. She has installed almost every type of system available and has No, None, Not One complaint filed by any customer. With more than 400 systems in the ground, that is a statement.

Norma has installed systems in Wichita, Archer, Baylor, Clay, and Young Counties. Please feel free to contact the various County Health Departments to verify her qualifications. Norma also has several years experience driving a truck, pulling trailers, designing and constructing various residential periferals such as patios and out buildings, landscaping and irrigation.

Tom Wright is a licensed Installer II Lic # OS0032875 License. N-Tex Construction is a diverse company with a great deal of Life Experience, as well as practical and field specific experience.

Tom has experience installing septic systems with Norma for the past 14 years.. He has experience with various heavy equipment, trucking, machine fabrication, welding, re-model and new residential and commercial construction.

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Revised Texas rules on occupational licenses and registrations ( 30 TAC 30) were adopted on September 27, 2007 and take effect January 1, 2008. Please note the changes to these rules by visiting the related Web page for each licensing program.

Effective January 1, 2008
All licenses and registrations will be valid for three years, except for Visible Emissions Evaluators, which is still a six-month certification.
Fees will be increased by $2.00 for each year the license is valid. Therefore, as an example, if you use to pay $105 for a three-year license, you will now pay $111.
The fee increase applies to licenses and registrations expiring on or after January 1, 2008.
Training providers will also need to submit a fee for each request for training approval. Publication RG-373 is currently being revised to assist you with the application and payment process.
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